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Procurement forms a vital function in the overall project management and execution of any EPC contract. This function not only affects the financial aspects of the project but also has a very strong influence on the overall schedule as well as the performance of the project installed and hence the guarantees furnished by the contractor. At Eshteal we understand the risks involved in your supply chain management. for this reason we ensure that we are fully conversant with your requirements and time constraints when procuring equipment.

One of the key benefits of procurement activities to Eshteal is technical integrity and timely delivery. Our engineers and procurement specialists work closely and proactively together. This ensures swift resolution of any technical queries. Our scalable and flexible procurement set-up enables us to cater for diverse client needs. Close interaction between engineering team and procurement specialists keeps projects within budget and on schedule by securing the right equipment at the most favorable price and in due time.

We insist on high ethical, moral and fair practice standards when dealing with equipment vendors and other service providers. If issues arise with your vendors, we help to identify alternative solutions and do everything possible to keep the project on track and on budget.

Our procurement strategy covers:

  • Tender documents and bid analysis
  • Market Survey, and supplier selection
  • Engineering and possible modification
  • Price inquiry and negotiation
  • Purchase order
  • Expediting and vendor progress monitoring
  • Inspection and test plan check
  • Shipment, reception and delivery to customer

    Also, well aware of the time and cost pressures faced by our custome
    rs, at our warehousing complex, we carry a significant inventory of equipment ready for immediate delivery to get you back on-line fast.

    Long after our projects are complete, we serve as a ready source of spare parts for Eshteal-supplied plants. We maintain engineering, design, and purchasing records on every facility and piece of equipment that we supply so we can quickly research, supply or locate, and ship parts.