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Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
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Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

Globally, two-thirds of the world's energy supply is derived from oil and gas. Standing tall amongst other major players in this business, Eshteal has been and continues to be an active and vital participant in its contribution to oil and gas industry.

Offshore: We harness our offshore expertise from around the world to support client production projects in Persian Gulf and Caspian sea region. We are able to offer new techniques to develop tailored solutions for our clients. Our teams have a long history of finding better solutions to the complex challenges associated with offshore developments.

Onshore: When it comes to oil & gas production onshore, we offer the experience and expertise that can make all the difference in planning, execution and management of your capital programs, assets and operations. Our service offerings leverage the extensive knowledge and capabilities of our team and our international partners to support challenges you may encounter.

Pipelines and Terminals: We support the engineering, procurement and maintenance of offshore and onshore pipelines, including pipes, valves and associated facilities such as compressor, pump and metering/regulator stations.

Petrochemical and Refineries: Eshteal fully understands the intricate details of refineries and petrochemical plants. Our teams have extensive experience in Engineering, Procurement and maintenance of all petrochemical and refinery facilities, including distillation, hydro-processing, fluid catalytic cracking, coking, octane enhancement, hydrogen production and sulfur removal units.